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   Dental insurance has become increasingly complicated and confusing.
   Here are some of the most common questions we have from families.
   Please feel free to call us for more specific information.

Are you a preferred provider for my insurance?2018-10-07T01:30:08+00:00

We are preferred providers or “in network” for Delta Dental Washington, Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, and their affiliates.

Delta Dental Washington- Delta Dental of any state

Regence Blue Shield- Asuris, LifeMap, HMA and Regence Group Administrators

Premera Blue Cross- LifeWise, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of any state

I work for Costco and my insurance is with Aetna, do you take my insurance?2018-10-06T01:42:04+00:00

Costco employees with dental insurance through Aetna:  Although Dr. Woo is not “in network” for Aetna, historically and currently, our fees in line with Aetna’s Usual and Customary Rate (UCR) and coverage in our office is very good with little or no additional cost for routine checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, radiographs and sealants.  Your out of pocket costs are for deductibles and co-pays as specified by your plan and would have to be collected from any dental office that you use.

You are out of network for my insurance, can I still come?2018-10-05T01:43:45+00:00

Yes.  We work with all dental insurances except for closed-panel managed care plans.  In fact, with many dental insurance companies, the out of network benefit is very good.  If you provide us with your dental benefit information, we will be able to research your coverage in our office.

Do you accept AppleCare or Molina?2018-10-04T01:44:02+00:00

Not at this time.

What plans do you accept?2018-10-03T01:44:17+00:00

Currently we can bill to all insurance plans except Columbia Dental or managed care plans with a closed panel of providers. A closed panel of providers means that if we are not on the list, any service provided by us is considered not covered by the insurance company.

What is an incentive plan?2018-10-02T01:44:31+00:00

Incentive plans are designed to encourage patients to use their dental benefits annually. The coverage is usually 70% for preventive and basic services in the first year. The coverage increases by 10% for preventive and basic services each year until they are covered at 100%. If benefits are not used in one year, the benefit level will drop by 10% but not beyond the base level of 70%.

For example, Susie was at 90/90/50 for 2016, but did not see a dentist in 2017 and had a checkup in 2018. For 2016, she was covered at 90/90/50, for 2017 she was covered at 100/100/50. Since she did not use benefits in 2017, she drops back to 90/90/50 for 2018.

Until the 100% coverage level is reached, there is a co-pay for services.

What is my out-of-pocket cost?2018-10-01T01:44:47+00:00

We do our best to estimate out-of-pocket cost and the amount insurance will cover.  Our estimate is based on the information provided to us by your insurance company.  However, the payment of benefits by the insurance company is determined when they receive a claim for services provided.  Sometimes the insurance pays less than what has been estimated and there may be additional costs to you.

Navigating Dental Insurance

Ever-changing. Confusing. Frustrating.
We are here to help.


What our patients have said about us…

Absolutely love Dr Woo and her staff. I’ve been taking my daughters there for as long as I can remember (since both were tiny) and we have always been super happy with Dr. Woo herself and her staff. The assistants are all very friendly and courteous and help young children through their concerns and fears. X-rays, cleanings, sealants, fluoride, you name it…they can all be scary for kids (and parents) but the staff here just know how to make it all fun and super easy. Also to give huge kudos, we have been incredibly lucky (knock on wood but also thank Doctor Woo:-) we have not needed to deal with fillings and significant tooth issues. This office is A++++++++++++

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Dr Woo and her staff are absolutely wonderful. We have been going to them for 14 years. When my kids we’re little she would sing to them while she worked to keep them at ease. They played cups and straws with the suction so they wouldn’t be scared of the sounds. She is caring, thoughtful and an excellent dentist. My kids have always had a good experience whether just a rountine cleaning or something more invasive and scary. She and her staff do everything to make it comfortable and keep them at ease. Love Children’s dentistry of Issaquah!

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I’ve been going to Dr. Woo since I moved here in 4th grade and now I’ve graduated from college and I still go there! They are awesome people who do excellent work and are super friendly to everyone and they are very caring people. She and Ms. Julie are amazing in their field and Ms. Cher is a outstanding receptionist! I recommend them to everybody and they are good people!

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Dr. Woo and her staff are wonderful. Dr. Woo is very thoughtful, kind and thorough. She even helped me find a referral for my son who needed occupation therapy. I am very grateful to have her as my son’s dentist. She obviously cares for her patients a great deal.

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My son has been coming here for a long time. First and only dentist! Very professional and friendly staff. If you’re in need of a children’s dentist in Issaquah I would highly recommend you come and visit Dr. Woo.

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Dr. Woo and her staff are the best. My children are now 18 and 16 year old teens. They have been going to Dr. Woo since their first dental appointment. I have a son who gets anxious. Dr. Woo and her staff are able to put him at ease with humor and answering all his concerns so that he feels at ease and they can give him proper thorough dental care.

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Doctor Woo is Awesome! My friend recommended her to me for my daughter, and I have been taking her there ever since! Doctor Woo is very patient and understanding, she is also very detailed when she is explaining my daughter’s teeth condition, I recommend her to any children that is thinking about going to a new dentistry, Doctor Woo is the best.

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Our daughter is now 17 but has been visiting Dr. Woo since she was 11 months old. Dr. Woo has been fabulous. We moved a little further from Issaquah several years ago but we didn’t even consider changing dentists since we love Dr. Woo.

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Dr. Woo is everything you can ask for a pediatric dentist. She and her staff are amazing with kids! The waiting room is very kid friendly. The receptionist and dental assistant are super nice and gentle. Dr. Woo is very professional and patient. She has been in practice here for very long and we know several families who go to her. We all love her and some of the kids I know even said that they want to become a dentist when they grow up! In fact, both of my kids have been with her more than 10 years. Even when we moved several years ago, we still keep coming back here!

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Dr. Woo and her team are great – they take time with each patient and thoroughly explain everything. They teach the kids how to care for their teeth and gums in a way that motivates the kids. Their hours work great for us – I’ve never had to take the kids out of school for an appointment – that is a huge convenience for us.

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I have been bringing my two boys to Dr. Woo for years now. She and her staff have always been extremely kind and patient with my sons. Dr. Woo has sung many a song to my kids as a distraction when they’ve been nervous & Ms. Julie is excellent at prepping and explaining what’s about to happen to put them at ease. I’m happy to say going to the dentist is NEVER a scary or Nerve wracking thing for us. I would definitely recommend.

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I highly recommend Dr. Woo and her entire team. I’ve been bringing my kids there since they were itty-bitty and we have always had a great experience. The entire staff is so great with the kids and makes it an enjoyable time for the children. Everyone looks forward to their visits. Dr. Woo is extremely patient with the kids. She understands the challenges of parents in getting kids to have proper dental habits and always offers advice/tips without scolding or being condescending. It feels like a partnership which I really appreciate. It’s a calm, kid friendly environment. 5-star pediatric dentist.

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Dr. Woo is an amazing pediatric dentist! I’ve been going to her for 10 years now, ever since I was in Elementary school. She and her team, Ms. Julie and Ms. Cher, create such a warm, welcoming, and homey environment. They care a lot about my health, but also about me as a person. During my visits, they always check up on what I’m up to and how my studies in college and personal goals are going and even offer to help me out in those aspects. They are thoughtful, friendly and genuinely care about their patients and the work they do. They definitely go the extra mile for their patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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My children have been seen doctor Woo for more than 10 years. Now they are both teenagers. When my son was 4 or 5 years old, he fell at park and hit his front teeth very hard. His front teeth were wiggly and bloody. I called doctor Woo’s office, and doctor told me to bring him in right away. They squeezed my son between their scheduled patients and he was able to see a doctor within the 30 min of the initial accident. His teeth were all good too. Doctor Woo and Julie are very good with children. They sing songs to the young patients to distract their mind from some of procedures that kids might be nervous about. Highly recommended!

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Dr Woo is extremely attentive, kind and thorough. And My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist! She and Miss Julie will sing songs to the kids to keep them calm. Dr Woo is also conservative in what she recommends and doesn’t do unnecessary dental work (fillings etc), and therefore keeps costs low, which I especially appreciate with 4 kids! I have also needed to get a hold of her after hours, and was able to talk to her via text and pictures of the worried tooth. I highly recommend Dr Woo!

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My children have been seeing Dr. Woo since they got their first tooth. They are both very comfortable going to the dentist. Dr Woo, Ms Julie and Ms Cher are kind & patient and have created a relaxed environment that puts both parents and kids at ease.

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We have been with Dr. Woo and Nurse Julie for 8 years now since my daughter grew her first tooth. Though we have moved away, we want to stay with them because Dr. Woo is a very disciplined coach, not only to my daughter but for us the parents who actually need it more. Nurse Julie is warm and with great patience. Dr. Woo truly understands and respects kids’ emotions and situations, and knows what is best for the children and their parents. When we take her advice (sometimes hard advice), we benefit from it, big time. These are things beyond oral health. The perspective Dr. Woo has instilled in us has helped us and my daughter together build a great habit of self-care. My daughter is proud of insisting being a great care-taker of her own teeth since she was 4 and looks forward to getting her tooth polished and feeling the smoothness at the appointment each time. She wishes kids could all feel soothed with their appointments as she can. My daughter also cares it enough to pass the knowledge onto her friends. I have and will always recommend Dr. Woo to anyone.

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We’ve been seeing Dr Woo for 5 years now. She and Ms Julie are always so nice and sweet to my 11 years old daughter. My daughter recently needed to have 2 of her baby teeth pulled out before getting on braces, and they were super gentle and caring. I really felt thankful to see that they did their best to comfort her. It was so much easier than our last experience of pulling out tooth at the different dentist before. Other than that, we usually go to the office just for routine cleaning, and they are really nice as well always!

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Dr.Woo makes it more than just an appointment–she even let my daughter pick a Disney princess and sang the song from the movie! Most fun you will ever get from a dentist visit!

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We absolutely love Dr Woo and her staff! We have been seeing her for 7 years now. Both my boys love Dr Woo and Ms Julie. They are so patient and understanding. The appointments are very calm and they make sure my boys are relaxed and answer all their questions. Always have a very positive experience. Ms Cher at the front office is welcoming and always working towards finding the best appointments that fit our schedules.

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We have been with Dr. Woo and her staff for five years. Even we moved away three years ago, we kept coming back for our kids’ dental appointments. Dr. Woo has her way with kids that can put them at ease. We strongly recommend Dr. Woo.

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